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  51. The author of Harry Potter  A) is a middle-aged man  B) is a famous director  C) was born in Ireland  D) was born in England  52. The phrase "household name" (Para. 1) most probably means  A) someone or something whose name has become very well known  B) a commonly used name  C) the title of a famous place where people live together as one family  D) a character in a book  53. The subject of Harry Potter is  A) fantasy  B) ghost stories  C) mysteries and adventure stories  D) all of the above  54. Which of the following is NOT a reason that made the Harry Potter stories so popular?  A) Harry is so real and much like the ordinary people.  B) These stories give readers the power of imagination.  C) Children have never read such stories before.  D) The stories tell the truth about the human desire.  55. According to the passage, which statement is true?  A) The character Hermione is based on Rowlings daughter.  B) Both adults and children enjoy the stories.  C) Rowling wrote the stones m two years.  D) Living in a happy family, Harry Potter is a boy who likes imagination.


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